My suggestions for YOU

Pregnancy is fun, it sucks, but it is fun! It’s fun seeing people’s reactions to the news and being honest about how I’m not happy go lucky…like most pregnant women.

I don’t get cravings, I’m just hungry.
I hate water.
I hate not fitting into my clothes.
I hate people telling me “Oh you’re pregnant you should or you shouldn’t…”

  • I’m sorry but if I wanted your advice or help I would have asked for it. And if I’m not SUPPOSED to be doing it, I won’t. But screw all the new  rules about what I can and can’t eat. I won’t eat fish, raw meat, alcohol, drugs or anything that would make me sick if I wasn’t pregnant.. happy? And I will lift my 25lbs weight max. until my belly doesn’t allow me to, when I’m tired or in pain, I will let you know…mmmmmk!
    I am not hurt nor am I handicap… I am pregnant and still working… so please let me work.

So my suggestions for you, new mom or future baby carrier…

> Start your prenatal vitamin with DHA … As soon as possible
    DHA helps future baby’s brain grow… because yours right now is pretty useless
       -I am a planned and organized girl. “There is a place for everything and everything has it’s place” … until you’re pregnant, then everything moves to a differeent place and you will lose your phone, keys, wallet, and purse within 2 hrs and 3 feet of each other.

> Cut off extra spending now and save your change!
    – my change jar holds approx. $131… I can fill it up about once a month, that’s an extra $917 for FB!

>Don’t purchase, find the hidden frugle you! Take advantage of any offer, coupon, and find ways to save and get samples and other things for FREE or just pay shipping!
   – Enfamil Family Beginning
   – Gerber Life Fund
   – VIB from Babies’R’Us
   – Motherhood Maternity (Spend $75, get restaurant gift cards)
   – Coupon books are everywhere for new moms, just keep your eyes open
   – Amazon Moms . com

>Find your doctor
   – find a doctor you LOVE, one that listens to you, laughs with you, and one that you are truly comfortable with, I was not so lucky with this.
       My doctor was new to me, I had recently moved to a new area and tried finding someone my insurance would cover. And from day 1, I was not comfortable in the office, let along speaking to the doctor or staff, but I settled for 3 appointments and $700 later. I have BCBS insurance, I had also signed up for State funded medical. Once my State funded medical went through, I had told my doctors office I would be using both insurances. Instead of speaking to me like an adult, the receptionist told me rudely “we don’t take that for primary and we will not take that as secondary”. So I asked if there was anyway they would, so I wouldn’t have to switch doctors. She then procedded to tell me it was a week process because the doctor would have to approve it. I had asked her to do this for me, the length of time didn’t concern me. Until about an hour later…the Insurance lady called stating they would NOT except this insurance and the I had BCBS and I will need to pay my monthly charge they had already gave to me and any other lab fees. And they couldn’t understand why I would need two insurances.
Well with my feelings smashed, confidence lowered and hopes lost… I called my mom. Who then proceded to find me a doctor 5 minutes away who is ABSOLUTELY amazing, no problem working with BOTH of my insurances, and helped me with more things in one visit then the old doctor did in 3 visits. She allowed me to joke and tell about my mishaps and unplanned pregnancy, she seemed excited to speak to me about my concerns and stories, and understood when I said “I don’t know”. so i BEG you…find a doctor that takes your insurace, state funded or not, excepts your mishaps and short comings, funky personality, and someone you have all over comfort with.

> OH YEA… State HELP!… Do it.
   – Our government has set up help for those in need and damn do we need it as parents! Not only are you worried about you but now you have future baby to worry about! So make this another way to save. Don’t lie or cheat the system, don’t do drugs and leave your job, and don’t trade your food stamps for things… its completely pointless and weird. But do apply for medical assistance, WIC, food stamps, and any other program you find! Don’t be ashamed about it either. I work 40 PLUS hours a week, I’ve worked since I was 14, I pay about $75-$100 per paycheck into state funded insurance  so I’ll be damned if I’m ashamed to use my own money on me and future baby.

> Don’t be afraid to say no to people…or disagree with them.
   – If you don’t want someone’s advice or help, tell them. (Politely, of course!)
> Find comfy clothes, Buy bigger clothes, and put your pre-preggo clothes out of site
   – I found that every time I looked in my closet, I got a little overwhelmed with my weight gain and felt bad about myself… so I moved all my pre-preggo clothes on the side of my closet I do not look at and hung up all my new sweaters, skirts, and flowy shirts up…cute outfits to come now!

> Buy comfortable, cotton undies and bras… seriously it makes a world of difference

> Buy, rent, or borrow Pregnancy books and download all the apps
   – My favs are
     ~ What to expect, when your expecting (book and app)
     ~ SPOUT app
     ~ Enfamil Family Beginnings app
     ~ Baby Center Pregnancy app

> Laugh Often, cry if you need to, and relax
   – What a better time to pamper yourself. I do my spa things at home but if you can find the time and money to get to the spa GO. If not here’s some at home remedies
     ~ Pedi – soak your feet in warm water with fresh cut oranges, scrub your feet with a 1/2 sugar 1/2 oil mix, rinse off, dry.. paint your tootsies
     ~ Spa-Bath – Purchase Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to a tub with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or Lavender Extract… Enjoy
     ~ Spa Facial – Baking Soda and Lemon. Allow the Baking Soda to bubble and fizz from squeezing the lemon juice on it. Once it is done fizzing, rub the mix on your face ( DO NOT SCRUB IT), let sit for 5-8 minutes and rinse with warm water

> Buy BioOil ($20 for a large one at Walgreens)
   – Apply 2x daily, even if your not showing yet. Better safe then sorry!

> Take pictures of your belly!
   – You may hate those pictures now, but friends and family love to see them and you will want them to remember!

> and last but not least.. Love it, Live it, You’re going to be a Mom!


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