Where to Start? Oh… The Positive Test AKA The Freak Out

Ok, so where to start? I guess…Welcome to motherhood, parenthood, surrogacy training, or any other reason why you would be reading about my journey through pregnancy.

I’ll start here by telling you my story and why I write to you…Mostly it’s because my life and questions are comical… and sometimes dramatic. I find my life humorous.

This “Future Baby” or FB was exceptionally unplanned. I found out at a donation clinic… YES DONATION, meaning I wanted to help anouther couple have the child they always wanted, but ironically I found out I was 10 weeks. TEN WEEKS, TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!!! pregnant, in tears wondering WHAT THE HELL I was going to do.

Well… I cried a lot. Then I talked with the nurses in the clinic who reassured me; things were going to be ok. So I called my boyfriend, Robert until he answered on the NINTH TRY and cried more. I then proceeded to put my big girl panties on, drove home, and cried. HA Then I went shopping for a dress, with my  mom.

Retail Therapy never works for me but after calming down, talking with the nurses, my mom, my boyfriend, telling my dad and then my best friend .. I was scared as hell but I was having a baby, Future Baby, that is. So here’s my journey. Enjoy : ) 


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