The weight gain, 23 weeks and counting

So now that we know this sweet little future baby is a girl, I will call future baby a she instead of a he.
We did wish for a boy only for traditional reasons of having a big brother and knowing the little girl will grow up to be a Tom Boy, she is so doomed. But we can’t wait!!!
Now more then ever I feel the wee one move around and after seeing the ultrasound clearly I wonder if she punching me or kicking me. The feeling of something in your belly is unreal and not what any book describes. Its not really like gas bubbles or an upset stomach, its like someone is poking you from the inside out just to say hello. She seems to be really active after I eat, probably because she has decided to eat all of my food because once again I am hungry. We are still happy with the name Brooklyn though we may decide to change it.
Yesterday we had lunch with friends and we sat and laughed at the terrible names parents give their children, you think it would be illegal to do so. But my peeps really are fond of Jameson, Jamie for short, which I find concerning since this is also our whiskey of choice. So little Brooklyn she will stay.
With 23 weeks here the baby is now growing fat on her body, which means more weight gain for me, at least another pound or two before the month is over. Im not really find of the weight gain, its terribly uncomfortable and extremely annoying. Putting on my shoes is the hardest task of the day now. It seems to go like this…
Hold my breath
Force shoe on my foot
Lean back breath… heavily
and again Lean
Hold breath
Force other shoe on
lean back to breathe again
This is where the exhaustion sits in because I try getting creative by lifting my foot towards me while tying it…. which is pointless because I get about half way through the bow making process and my foot falls to the ground and I am again out of breath
and I think to myself… the book was right I should have bought some cute slip on shoes, but I love my converse
At this point, I’m normally sick of trying and if Robert isn’t around, I’m keeping them untied until further notice. and now I go on with my day after already exerting all of my energy into shoe tying.
How ridiculous and the doctor wants me to gain 5-10 more pounds, phew…. I am not ready for that.


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