First Minor Freak out

So Brooklyn has been moving around all over. Robert even gets to feel her little kicks and punches. It’s pretty cool to finally be able to share these moments. And we can’t wait to share more but for now he tells her how crazy I am through my belly.
Oh and we also registered for the baby shower finally!!! I was worried about what to register for what not to register for and everything in between. But I seemed Robert had shoes covered anything from sandals to converse to Nike and puma. It was great watching him get excited about the baby and her link wardrobe. I tried being more focused on books and toys to teach her shapes and colors. It was pretty fun but extremely overwhelming. But I have to say from what I’ve heard… just register for it all, big small expensive or not if you like it and you want it, register for it. At least you get a nice discount on it if no one purchases it for you.
So besides all the great things that I have to tell you, don’t forget of all the terrible things that happen during pregnancy…acne, infections, energy lag and of course weight gain. And of course it all started last night… the pain that is. If your anything like me, you don’t quit you go go go and you try to listen to your body but sometimes you take some minor aches and pain as normal. Last night, I felt a little crampy and as I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t. So my thought was a UTI coming on, get some AZO and cranberry juice in the morning and chug water tonight. Drinking water didn’t help, it kept me up throughout the night, waking up almost every hour, feeling as if my bladder was more than full, only to find it was less then full and now spasming every time I tried. I still pushed thru it, figuring I could flush it out and see the doctor Tuesday. After taking a shower and being in one of the most uncomfortable pains I’ve been in, I told Robert I needed to call off and go to the doctor, I couldn’t even bear to take Max for his morning around the complex. I felt useless and apologized but didn’t understand my pain, I’ve had a UTI before but not this bad. And then there’s the blood, the last three times I ran to the bathroom there was blood. Which made my body shake and my heart break, something is wrong. I called my mom and then the doctor who both believed I needed to get in ASAP. I opened the doors for work and sat in the office, I called the GM and everyone else I could think of to get my shift covered. I was in pain and terrified and I could keep a straight mind for the life of me. I wanted to cry every time I tried to pee and finally the doctors office had opened! The got me in within 30 minutes and out within 10. Of course, no worries but a bad UTI with lots of blood within the urine. Antibiotics and rest today, see the doctor on Tuesday and back to the grind tomorrow.
So I guess my advice to you, is not to wait until the last day, the last minute, to get your rest or to call your doctor. Minor things in pregnancy are a bit different since we are now the carriers of our children’s body, safety and health.
Somedays your body just says no and you must abide…



or shall we say rhino-itis… The book and the apps say it is common to have rhinitis during pregnancy, you know the swelling of membranes within you nose that make you congested. Amazing its it…6 months pregnant, your nose bleeds almost on cue and its stuffy all at the same time. But there’s more to it… that’s why we are calling it rhino-itis.
Because not only is your nose stuffy and “swollen” so are your feet, your hands, and more than likely your belly. Uncomfortable is what we shall call today. Also don’t forget about those other things growing on your face, yea your ance, you can blame that on your hormones too. Goodness gracious… do you get rhino-itis yet…? Big nose, a horn, being a bit bigger than normal, moving slow, you feet being almost as big as you thighs… Rhino-itis

Though ladies (and gents), its really only this bad to you. People will comment on how big you get every time they see you… but let’s be real somedays were bloated somedays were not, and well most days we feel a bit bloated, but other people think we look just great, carrying this baby so well. And you are, so smile and go with it.
Remember though you may feel like a rhino, no one sees that, and maybe you should too try to change your thoughts! : ))
And that is Future Baby and my thoughts for today!