or shall we say rhino-itis… The book and the apps say it is common to have rhinitis during pregnancy, you know the swelling of membranes within you nose that make you congested. Amazing its it…6 months pregnant, your nose bleeds almost on cue and its stuffy all at the same time. But there’s more to it… that’s why we are calling it rhino-itis.
Because not only is your nose stuffy and “swollen” so are your feet, your hands, and more than likely your belly. Uncomfortable is what we shall call today. Also don’t forget about those other things growing on your face, yea your ance, you can blame that on your hormones too. Goodness gracious… do you get rhino-itis yet…? Big nose, a horn, being a bit bigger than normal, moving slow, you feet being almost as big as you thighs… Rhino-itis

Though ladies (and gents), its really only this bad to you. People will comment on how big you get every time they see you… but let’s be real somedays were bloated somedays were not, and well most days we feel a bit bloated, but other people think we look just great, carrying this baby so well. And you are, so smile and go with it.
Remember though you may feel like a rhino, no one sees that, and maybe you should too try to change your thoughts! : ))
And that is Future Baby and my thoughts for today!


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