Meeting your match

Meetin your match when it comes to work rest and nutrition. I’ve been doing pretty well, I’m coping with not sleeping, I eat what I can in the morning, and I’m still working my 10:30-6, 5 days a week. I can’t say it’s easy but I spend Sunday and Monday in bed or on the couch most of the time. Oh but Saturday was a different story, I didn’t sleep all night, toss and turn, I didn’t eat well throughout the week, noticing yesterday I was lacking on my protein intake the last week, and I had to be up for work in… oh 3 hrs (staring at the clock at 7am), I even moved to the couch to see if I could fall asleep there.
I did my normal routine of getting up showering putting myself together, taking the dog out and eating breakfast, a lovely meal combined of cereal and juice. I wasn’t feeling the greatest, my mind a few clicks behind my body but that’s what no sleep does to a person, esp a pregnant person, so I went on with my day opening the bar. I had a couple sit down for drinks and Lunch, it was BOGO entree day for a Mothers Day weekend special. And was feeling fine, made there drinks, put there food orders in and then the exhaustion set in while one of my all time regulars walked in. We made small talk and he asked for an Absolut Bomb, no Bomb tho and as he said it I could feel my body shutting down, scary but I was conscious of it, so I took a few steps back, held up the one sec finger and walked away… to my GMs office, she’s lovely btw, as I said I’m going to pass out but Jimmy needs an Absolut on the Rocks and I lowered myself to the ground, which she put me on a chair instead. Things seemed white around me, like that second you spent too much time on the treadmill and your body is like ohhh no, I’m done!
But once I sat down I felt ok, A little shaky but extremely hot. So my GM forces water, juice, and a cold towel at me as I sit there angry bc I would like to stay at work for 5 more weeks, but looks as if my body is saying no.
We then talk about maybe cutting my hours or calling someone in for the day, but my stubborn ass says no, unless it happens again. But I agreed to do no lifting at all and kept the juice and water flowing while eating anything I could… lemon bread, a donut, French fries….
By the time I decided to get up and walk back to my bar, Genna had my regulars beered up, my couple was done with lunch, I swear only 10 or 20 minutes had passed, and jimmy was gone but coming back in a few.
So I started my day over I had everyone a bit worried and more helpful than ever. Not really fond of that, I’m not one to ask for help nor do I feel that I should use people since I am the reason I’m still at work, but it did help.
I didn’t feel great for the rest of the day, but I made it to 6 without passing out, Jimmy came back and I made his drink without running away, and then I went to Portillo’s grabbed a beef and cheddar and a Chocolate Shake, went home and slept until 8 the next morning. ahhhh, sleep.
So Sunday I went to the grocery store, stocked up on yogurt, Pre-made Chai Protein from Bolthouse, and Breakfast Essentials Protein mix for my milk in the mornings. Like I said, I want to be at work 5 more weeks, well 4 more weeks now, I have 6 weeks to go with pregnancy and I can’t sit at home all day, it’ll drive me crazy. So packing on the protein and calories in the morning it is because this little baby Brooklyn is sucking the life out of me little by little.