The last Month Countdown

Oh the last month has been quite phenomenal with the birthing classes, moving, peeing my pants at least once, packing, baby shower and yes i did finally cut my hours at work. I guess we can start with the classes, no one is going to be able to tell you how to have your baby, when your baby is truly going to arrive, and how your body reacts to it, but for more information on process and techniques used in labor and delivery, we decided to take a Prepared Child Birth class. It has shown us natural delivery, delivery with some medication, and C-Sections. It also has shown us relaxation techniques and ways to use everyday items, such as tennis balls, to help with pain. My class tho, seem like a bunch of idiots. I had 6 weeks to go our first day, and everyone else a month to 4 months to go. It seemed like not one of them had picked up a book to know one thing about the process of pregnancy. And theres a few who are so disgusted with the simple thought of delivery they close their eyes and gag when we talk about it… maybe it wasn’t the right time for you to get pregnant… maybe you should have read first about it. Why would you want to be so unprepared for something that you have no control over happening?! And these same simple minded idiots then discussing that they want every drug in the book so they don’t experience the pain, I wonder if they have thought these things thru, how it affects your unborn child who is 1/20th your pre-pregnancy size. I know for myself narcotics make me extremely nauseated, tired, and unable to handle most situations… nothing I would want a child to undergo. Epidurals are much better not truly effecting the child, but could effect breastfeeding. Which for some is very important. and Could give you a UTI bc of the use of a catheter, I’d break my arm twice before I thought about getting another UTI, especially since pregnancy has shown me a whole different pain from UTIs. I’m not saying I’m going without or people who use drugs are weak, I’m just saying I’m going to try going as long as possible without an epidural, hoping I will not get one and narcotics are out of the question. I couldn’t think of walking into the delivery room and just sitting there doped up on whatever they’ll give me. so I guess thats all I have to say about classes, I find them extremely informative and good for the money you spend on them.
So did you hear about practicing your kegals and strengthening your lady parts to help with delivery and any incontinence that pregnancy may give you? haha Except when your slipping in the parking garage while singing… yea, that’s right! I was on my way to class walking thru the parking garage with Robert, who has his hands full of blankets and pillows and myself caring my bag of a purse and two McCafe coffees. And I was singing “your song” from Moulin Rouge… obviously because parking garages have great acoustics. And while I took my last few steps out of the parking garage, I stepped on the little yellow OUT arrow and suddenly fell to my knee. Surprising me but as I was in the splits on the ground, not able to get up because I had no hands to use and Robert not being able to help bc of his full hands, I couldn’t help but laugh and try explaining what happened… oh pee happened. you know not like a full gush of pee, just like a tinkle which made me laugh harder, causing worse conditions for both of us. My pants and feet were all dirty and I couldn’t quit laughing. So when I went to class I emptied my lovely bladder, that was obviously too full for laughing and thought God, I have to blog about this! Pregnant people falling is not funny, so if you actually hurt yourself tell your doctor, Thankfully in my situation I was fine.
Last week, 37 weeks, the doctor has started the cervical checks to see if the baby was in position, any dilation was happening… you know all that fun stuff and come to find out Ms. Brooklyn is breech, laying on my right side looking at my left. Transverse Breech, which is not good for birth and will not be happening naturally. I have spent this last week hanging off the couch upside down, pushing her to the left, laying on my left side and any other ridiculous thing midwives say on the internet to make your baby move. So we go back tomorrow to see if shes moved. cross your fingers!
We had our shower, it was great! Saw a bunch of people from back home I haven’t seen in a long time and we received a bunch of amazing gifts. Mom has all the pictures or I would share. And we move tomorrow to our new place, so I will be back to tell you more exciting things!!!


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