Diaper Rash and Mastisis and Thrush … OH MY!

Well back to being a mom again… oh wait that never ended. Being a mom is a 24 hr job that you get paid for by poopie diapers, a sick baby, and sometimes a sick you. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.
The baby had her first diaper rash but luckily mom is smart and kicked its ass from the first sign of redness. Nothing a little zinc oxide couldn’t handle. I used Butt Paste by Bourdeux and Desitin Cream. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. I remember a long time ago changing poopy diapers was a pain bc the creams were so thick you had to use 90 wipes just to get it off, making the diaper rash worse. Not anymore! I think the companies realized that… duhduhduh.
So last week or so… me Momma bear was at work and My right boobie hurt…. and was getting harder by the hour… and I mean rock hard. Pumping didn’t help, massage didn’t help, loose clothing didn’t help… So I let it be and dealt with the pain…
SIDENOTE: if you are breastfeeding and it hurts… don’t deal with the pain go get help ASAP, lactation consult, OB-GYN, PCP someone will help you.
… but back to my story. Bad Idea on my part by the time I got home to pump again, Robert had to leave for work and there I was getting weaker by the hour… and may I mention more and more in pain. Then my temperature started rising and that point raised my concern, I don’t get fevers very often. So of course I called my mom, who told me to go to urgent care…
HAHAHA and if you know anything about me, I don’t do hospitals, doctors, ERs, or urgent care. I waited a week with Meningitis to go to the hospital so Urgent care was out of the question for a fever and pain.
… However she did con me into calling the doctor via the on call line, bc it was after hours on a Saturday. And the doctor told me… exactly what my mom had said, I had a breast infection… mastitis actually.
And it only got worse before it got better. My fever grew through the night and trying to care for a little one while trying to care for yourself is kind of a cruel prank. But it wasn’t so bad, I fed the baby with frozen breast milk I had stored away, took ibuprofen every 6 hours and laid in my bed with 4 sets of covers and a hoodie, until I felt warmth… oh mind you it was 78 degrees in my house. The next day I picked up my antibiotics and off I went. I cant say I felt any better… not even by Friday. I was still exhausted, in pain, and my fever wouldn’t quit. But was more off and on sickness after Tuesday… The first 48 hours were the worst, it was like I had the flu. my whole body hurt, my boobies were red and swollen and tender, and nothing seemed to help. I did find that the babys’ thermometer pacifier works wonders, even if your an adult.. and its waaaay easier to read than a glass thermometer. Soooooo once that was over my Little boo was due for her first set of shots…
3 in the leg, 1 orally… And she did great. Fell asleep before, Cried during and fell asleep right after… I cried more than she did. It was traumatizing… and I have to do it every 2 months… : (
However, we went home snuggled all day and I breastfed her throughout the day and night. About halfway into the day my boob began to hurt really bad, not because of the feedings but after. Which I found odd but went on with the day. And later than night, engorgement. My boob was rock hard again… and here comes my nervous breakdown. Quickly, I pumped to make sure there was nothing left. I massaged, used ice, then a hot towel and with little avail, the swelling went down. And the self medicating began. Echinacea 3 times daily, Ibuprofen every 6 hours. Google what the f^*< was happening. I read and read and read some more… looks like me and boo had thrush. Checked her mouth, little white spots all over her mouth. So theeeennnn, I googled more.

SIDENOTE: I also used Cabbage leaves, I don't know if they really help or its a mental thing but they stay cold and are easier to hold in ur bra then an icepack… I would highly recommend it for any engorgement issues. END SIDENOTE.

Here's the absolute stupidity of, like with every disease or infection, how mastitis begins and maybe ends in thrush.
MASTITIS begins as a clogged duct, then turns into an infection, causing your boobs to turn into rocks and your body to go thru the 'flu'. It takes at least 48 hrs of antibiotics for you to feel better, but 10 days of antibiotics to knock it completely out of your system. Oh and tho you're in pain and have an infection you are supposed to keep breastfeeding, I truthfully couldn't handle the pain so I pumped through it. Which as long as your getting the milk out, is ok. So 10 days of antibiotics, any woman knows there is a chance of a yeast infection. WELL that is what thrush is. But baby's get it in their mouth, Little white spots.
Good thing, thrush usually doesn't affect the baby pain wise, it is just there. But when mom get thrush in the nipple and milk ducts, breastfeeding becomes yet again painful. So baby get put on oral anti fungal for 10 days and mom gets on topical antifungal for the nipples and oral antifungal to fight a 'lower' yeast infection for 2 weeks….
yay fun! And thats that. a good month and a half of meds and we kicked this infections ass!

So know we are truly healthy mom and baby, back to breastfeeding with no issues. Its kinda sad that I had forgotten what unpainful breastfeeding felt like until about a week ago!


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