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I wrote this for a friend so I might as well post it. Just some research info, social networking and free stuff

Call insurance company to see what breastpumps are covered, numbers of the suppliers, and information on lactation consultant coverage.

Use the lactation consultants while in the hospital during recovery!!!

Make sure her employer knows she is going to be breastfeeding and will need 20-30 minutes every 3-5 hrs to pump, she will need a private sanitary place with an outlet.
Definitely get a Double Breast Pump, its takes about 20 minutes to pump fully. And buy a hands free bra, They look goofy but its way easier than trying to hold the pumps to your chest and turn it on… and god forbid the baby wants to be held if you don’t have one! : ))

It is federal law that insurance companies cover all or some of the cost of breast pumps and lactation consultants.
It is also federal law that a employer must allow a nursing mother to pump in a sanitary place (NOT A BATHROOM) or nurse her child while at work. They can ask you to clock out for this time however they cannot deny you of this privilege.
AND it is federal law that a nursing mother can nurse ANYWHERE at anytime without being questioned or asked to cover up…
There are covers if you feel better using them but never ever let someone degrade you for breastfeeding. School them in the law and tell them to call the police on you… they cant do anything either.

Buy Lanolin and breastpads before heading to the hospital

Ok now the free stuff: and always have free offers, you only pay shipping. Like them on Facebook
Sign up for

Similac Strong Moms
they send you free samples of formula, coupons, a ton of information on feeding and raising newborns

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Gerber Baby Start Healthy Stay Healthy

Pampers Gifts to grow
anything from pampers that you buy diapers and wipes has a code on it these codes add up to points which you trade in for different things… Download the app, its way easier than logging into your account online every time

Huggies also has a reward program but I am not really fond of their diapers after the newborn size. The newborn size of huggies had the cord cutout which I like however seem to run small so I do not participate in the program.

Kelloggs Family Rewards
anything you buy from kelloggs has a code which is translated to points, these points can be turned in for free stuff, coupons, ect. You may not use a lot of kelloggs products now but while breastfeeding you will want to eat during your late might feedings. Kelloggs has a ton of little snacks, proteins, gummies, bars, and cereal that will get you thru the night

The Bump
A helpful website and app about your baby’s growth and development
more info about growth and development

Apps to download and try out
(or visit their websites)

What to Expect
The Bump
Baby Center
Pampers Gifts to Grow
23 snaps

Get the VIB card from babies r us and start loading money on it now and throughout your pregnancy. $20/month goes a long way, especially when they give you 10% back. Your VIB card can only be use on diapers, wipes, (and I think formula) After 9 months of savings you’ll have enough for about 7 mega packs of diapers

Be okay with store brands, experiment with them. Meijer baby wipes are ok, Im not fond of Babies R Us brand diapers but Walgreens brand diapers aren’t bad at all. Anything Walgreens and Meijer brand seem to be legit so far.

Buy diapers now or have a Diaper game at your baby shower to enhance the amount of diapers you get.

Right now, Pampers is clearancing the ‘Huge Box’ diapers. 160 diapers for $25-35. This is a great deal. I have found them at Meijer, Walmart, and Kmart. but they are probably everywhere. Its like 18cents/diaper

Buying bottles the same brand as your breast pump is easier. However I came to find that I only like Dr. Browns bottles. So this is an experiment with you and the baby.

Use Biooil now and months after pregnancy to help your skin, stretch marks or Scars

The Social Network
For funny insights, a laugh or two, and extra support and info
follow or like

Playground Dad
The Good Men Project
What to Expect
Baby Center
The Bump
Toys R Us
Babies R Us
Fit Pregnancy
World Food Program


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